Prospective Members

Transferring to Omega Delta Omega from another chapter or general membership is simple!  Contact our Membership Committee for detailed information:

Omega Delta Omega welcomes existing Alpha Kappa Alpha members to reactivate with the sorority!  


Visiting members are encouraged to attend a meeting to get acquainted with and learn more about Omega Delta Omega.  


Members wanting to visit are asked to contact our Membership Committee at: .


We will inform you of all required documentation needed to attend a chapter meeting and reclaim your pearls!

Membership in Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority is generally classified as undergraduate or graduate.  In both classifications:


  • Prospective members must have high ethical and moral standards;


  • Membership can only be obtained by completing the Sorority’s official Membership Intake Process 


Graduate Membership Requirements:


  • Completion of at least a baccalaureate degree with a cumulative average of at least C+ or a graduate degree from an accredited senior college/university.


  • Motivation and ability to promote and extend the policies and programs of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.


Graduate Intake Process:


  • The Sorority’s official graduate Membership Experience is by invitation only through one of our local graduate chapters and may not be solicited.